Attack Bandit Resistance Suits (アタック・バンテッド・レジスタンス・スーツ?), or ABaRe Suits (アバレスーツ?), are the Abarangers' protective battle suits that were created and developed in Dino Earth.

It's prototype version, The Zero Suit (0号スーツ?), was too unstable to handle and was known to explode if used for an unspecified number of times. The problem is caused by an early-stage version of the internal compact amplification core that was too difficult to control. The blast radius from the explosion was estimated to be about the size of Tokyo. The Zero Suit ended up being used by Doctor Nakadai Mikoto.

The suits are designed to be impervious to bullets, radiation and heat, and absorb 90% of the damage from a missile.

To materialize the suits, the user needs Dino Guts (ダイノガッツ?) and a body that can withstand the energy released in converting Dino Guts into the suits. The suits dematerializes when the user's body can't withstand enough pressure from attacks, or if the user's Dino Guts flow is interrupted.



The Zero Suit is the prototype version of the ABaRe Suit used by Abare Killer. It is more powerful than the other ABaRe Suits as it was created only for the purpose of a single warrior to oppose the Evolians. It's design is different from the other suits, as it doesn't have the Abaranger emblem on it, and has black spike designs instead of diamonds. Like the other suits, it can shift into Abare Mode.


Abare Black's ABaRe Suit. Assumed to be the first suit made after the Zero Suit was sealed with Top Galer. It has Gold Diamonds and Shoulder Guards and is equipped with the Dino Thruster and a personal Road Raptor.


The ABaRe Suit of the three primary "Another Earth" Abarangers. Each equipped with the three parts of the Dino Bomber. These suits have white diamond designs instead of gold and doesn't have the shoulder guards that are in Black's Suit. Each is also equipped with an Aba Laser and a personal Road Raptor.

Abare Mode

When the Abarangers exhibit a specific degree of rage, their Dino Guts transforms the suits to enter Abare Mode (アバレモード?). In this mode, their helmets would appear like their dinosaur counterparts screaming, and the triangular and diamond patterns around their bodies exhibit spikes. Abare Yellow's Abare Mode could use it's wings in conjunction with the Ptera Daggers to perform Yellow Flying Dagger (イエローフライングダガー?).

Max Mode

Activated only through the StyRiser by AbaRed, by filling AbaRed with enough DinoGuts to recharge the StyRiser, AbaRed's suit enters Max Mode (マックスモード?) becoming AbareMax (アバレマックス?). In this mode, AbaRed's ABaRe Suit gains gold-colored armor plates around the body and helmet, similar to Abare Mode.