Ginga no Hikari (ギンガの光, Lights of Ginga?) is one of the legendary Ooinaru Chikara that aided the Gingamen. When the Gokaigers inherited this power, they gained full access to all of the Gingamen's and the Kurokishi's powers and techniques.

Possible Locations

After Budoh found out that Sambash was trying to retrieve the artifact, Budoh started preparations to replace him. After Sambash's defeat, Budoh presented a scroll containing information of it's possible whereabouts of the artifact.

  1. Something that grow roots (Target: Trees)
  2. Something that copies (Target: Cameras)
  3. Something that sleeps deeply (Target: Antiques)
  4. Something that cultivates all (Target: The Ground)
  5. Something that ascend to great heights (Target: Tall Buildings)
  6. Something that cannot break (Target: an ancient meteorite called the Oni Stone)
  7. Something that is shaped like a tropical sun (Target: Things shaped like the sun)
  8. Something that is awake even when dreaming (Target: all living things)
  9. Something that is like a red and round fruit (Target: tomatoes, apples, watermelons)
  10. Something that purely erupts from springs (Target: Water from Sacred Springs/Fountains)